2102, 2023

Big Polluters are Getting a Free Ride With Worthless Carbon Offset Schemes

By |February 21, 2023|Reports|

Many of Australia's big climate polluters are buying Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) to continue enabling them to pollute as usual, says the Climate Council. For many businesses, they have become the first and only course of action rather than a last resort. Moreover, many of these carbon offset schemes do not represent any actual or additional emissions reductions and are therefore no substitute for genuine abatement. Now, as the government prepares to strengthen the law that regulates emissions from [...]


Australian Coal And Gas Exporters Gain AUD $85 billion Windfall Profits (Video)

By |December 19, 2022|Reports|

The Australia Institute calls for taxing the billions in profits made by Australian coal and gas companies to fund the cost-of-living crisis and the transition to clean energy. Watch this [...]

Burning Australian Timber for Electricity No Longer Classed as Renewable Energy (Video)

By |December 18, 2022|Reports|

Burning Australian timber for electricity is no longer classed as renewable energy, Labor confirms. Watch this video to find out more. Electricity generated by burning Australian timber is no longer [...]

The Myth of Clean Coal: MP Alleges Fraud in Australian Coal Industry (Video)

By |December 14, 2022|Reports|

Leaked documents suggest Australian coal companies have been lying for years about the quality of coal, putting our health and climate at risk. Watch this video to find out more. [...]

Federal Court Rejects Santos Appeal, Putting Offshore Oil and Gas in Spotlight (Video)

By |December 14, 2022|Reports|

Tiwi Islanders are celebrating the Federal Court's decision. From now on, oil and gas giant Santos must consult them before drilling in their Sea Country off the coast. Find out more [...]

First Annual Climate Change Statement: No Time to Lose to Slash Emissions in Australia (Video)

By |December 7, 2022|Reports|

Unless the government adopts more ambitious policies, fossil fuel emissions will continue to cause a climate catastrophe in Australia. Watch this video to find out more.  For those who suffered [...]

Mike Cannon-Brookes’ AGL Board Shakeup Marks New Era for Energy Giant

By |November 20, 2022|Reports|

Watch this video to find out how new leadership at AGL could accelerate the company's transition from coal to renewables.  Software billionaire and climate activist Mike Cannon-Brookes has succeeded in [...]

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