2102, 2023

Record-Breaking Renewables in Australia Displace Fossil Fuels in Power Grid

By |February 21, 2023|Reports|

The Australian Energy Market Operator's (AEMO) latest quarterly report shows renewables in Australia are continuing their record-breaking streak. In the final quarter of 2022, green power overtook black coal's output across its east-coast electricity mix for the first time. While renewable energy generation hit a record high – supplying 40 per cent of the grid's power during the quarter – fossil fuels fell to their lowest-ever levels. Future electricity prices for the remainder of 2023 year have also fallen sharply [...]


Big Polluters are Getting a Free Ride With Worthless Carbon Offset Schemes

By |February 21, 2023|Reports|

Many of Australia's big climate polluters are buying Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) to continue enabling them to pollute as usual, says the Climate Council. For many businesses, they have [...]

Existing Clean Technology Can Cut Australia’s Emissions 80 per cent in Five Years

By |January 17, 2023|Reports|

Australia can slash its total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by over 80 per cent in five years using existing clean technology, a report has found. This is almost double the [...]

Fossil Fuel Corporations Sponsoring More Than 500 Australian Community Organisations

By |January 17, 2023|Reports|

An investigation has revealed the vast scale of sponsorships linked to fossil fuel corporations in Australian arts, sports, education and community organisations. The list was compiled by author Penny Tangey [...]

Extreme Heat, Fires and Droughts Predicted for Australia as El Niño Replaces La Niña in 2023

By |January 17, 2023|Reports|

Following three consecutive La Niña years of above-average rainfall, Australia could swing to one of the hottest El Niño periods in 2023 on record. This "shift from one extreme to the [...]

Australia Stops Burning Forests for Energy: What Does this Mean for the Biomass Industry?

By |January 16, 2023|Reports|

The decision made by Australia to exclude burning native forest biomass from renewable energy classification has been welcomed by forest advocates as a victory for nature and the climate. The [...]

Eight New Grid-Scale Batteries will Boost Australia’s Renewable Energy Storage Tenfold

By |December 21, 2022|Reports|

Australia will install eight grid-scale batteries to store renewable energy around the country, boosting the main grid storage capacity tenfold.  Minister for Climate Change & Energy Chris Bowen announced the developments would [...]

Australia To Host Major Environment Summit in 2024 to Promote Investment in Nature

By |December 21, 2022|Reports|

Australia will bring the world's environment leaders together at a major environment summit in 2024. The global Positive Nature Summit aims to secure billions of dollars in investment to protect [...]