Why are we here?

Since countries came together in 2015 to sign the Paris Agreement, the whole world has been moving towards net-zero emissions. The goal of keeping global warming to under 1.5% by 2050 is becoming more important every single day. Industries, companies and the public are doing incredible things all over Australia to do their part. Every day, there are stories about new innovative ways people are reducing emissions.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the Australian Government is not doing its fair share. The fossil fuel industry and the Government seem intent on putting up roadblock after roadblock in front of us.

Even our Covid-19 recovery was said to be “gas-fired”. This is despite the overwhelming evidence to focus on a green recovery fueled by renewables. We know renewable energy is the future, so why are we investing so much of our tax payers money in the problem and not the solution?

Fossil fuel companies have undue influence over policy in Australia. The interests and profits of multinational companies is being put ahead of the truth that we need to end our reliance on fossil fuels.

This is where we come in. Our team is small but our passion is huge and we will not stop until Australia is at net-zero.

Our goal is not to sway your political leaning. We only have 2 interests:

  • Highlight positive actions and policies that take us closer to carbon-neutral.
  • Shine a light on practices that are making us less likely to hit net-zero by 2050.
Our stories may not have the same shock factor as clickbait headlines. We will remain objective, honest and hopeful. We know the Australian public respect, value and deserve the truth. And this is what we promise to deliver.
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