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The home of renewable news

The reality is that our planet is warming and the effects of climate change are already being felt.

There is no goal more important than moving towards net-zero emissions. It has long been acknowledged globally that renewable energy is the future. Yet, in Australia, dirty new gas and coal projects keep being planned and approved. This increases Australia’s carbon emissions and takes us backwards. The Australian Government continues to be in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry.

Australians are doing their part, constantly finding amazing ways to reduce emissions locally. Now we need the fossil fuel companies and the government to do theirs. Our news focuses on net-zero and what is taking us closer or further from this goal.


Carmichael: Why Should We Stop the Adani Coal Mine

This video explains why we should stop the Adani coal mine.  In December 2021, Indian mining giant Adani stated it would export the first load of coal from the Carmichael coal mine. This is eight years behind schedule, partly due to the protest efforts of environmental groups and Traditional Owners. Earlier in 2021, the Adani Group rebranded its Australian business [...]

By |December 21, 2022|Coal, Corporations|

Australia To Host Major Environment Summit in 2024 to Promote Investment in Nature

Australia will bring the world's environment leaders together at a major environment summit in 2024. The global Positive Nature Summit aims to secure billions of dollars in investment to protect and replenish the natural world. Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek made the announcement while attending the COP15 biodiversity conference in Montreal. Australia will host the summit to "supercharge private investment in protecting [...]

By |December 21, 2022|Reports|

Australian Coal And Gas Exporters Gain AUD $85 billion Windfall Profits (Video)

The Australia Institute calls for taxing the billions in profits made by Australian coal and gas companies to fund the cost-of-living crisis and the transition to clean energy. Watch this video to find out more. Australian coal and gas exporters have reaped additional windfall profits of up to AUD $85 billion, according to new research by the Australia Institute, a [...]

By |December 19, 2022|Reports|

Burning Australian Timber for Electricity No Longer Classed as Renewable Energy (Video)

Burning Australian timber for electricity is no longer classed as renewable energy, Labor confirms. Watch this video to find out more. Electricity generated by burning Australian timber is no longer classified as renewable energy, Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen has announced in a statement. This change means that native forest biomass is no longer an "eligible renewable energy source" [...]

By |December 18, 2022|Reports|

The Myth of Clean Coal: MP Alleges Fraud in Australian Coal Industry (Video)

Leaked documents suggest Australian coal companies have been lying for years about the quality of coal, putting our health and climate at risk. Watch this video to find out more. An MP has made a speech in the Federal Parliament claiming leaked documents prove that Australian companies have been lying for years about the quality of Australian coal. An industry [...]

By |December 14, 2022|Reports|