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The reality is that our planet is warming and the effects of climate change are already being felt.

There is no goal more important than moving towards net-zero emissions. It has long been acknowledged globally that renewable energy is the future. Yet, in Australia, dirty new gas and coal projects keep being planned and approved. This increases Australia’s carbon emissions and takes us backwards. The Australian Government continues to be in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry.

Australians are doing their part, constantly finding amazing ways to reduce emissions locally. We now need the fossil fuel companies and the government to do theirs. Our news focuses on net-zero and what is taking us closer or further from this goal.


Fracking in Australia: What an Oil and Gas Recovery Means

The Australian government believes a “gas-led recovery” will strengthen the country’s economy. Scott Morrison’s “gas-led recovery”: what is it and will it really make energy cheaper?. (2020). The Guardian. [online] 17 Sep. Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/sep/17/scott-morrisons-gas-led-recovery-what-is-it-and-will-it-really-make-energy-cheaper [...]

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