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The reality is that our planet is warming and the effects of climate change are already being felt.

There is no goal more important than moving towards net-zero emissions. It has long been acknowledged globally that renewable energy is the future. Yet, in Australia, dirty new gas and coal projects keep being planned and approved. This increases Australia’s carbon emissions and takes us backwards. The Australian Government continues to be in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry.

Australians are doing their part, constantly finding amazing ways to reduce emissions locally. Now we need the fossil fuel companies and the government to do theirs. Our news focuses on net-zero and what is taking us closer or further from this goal.


What Exactly Are Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are formed from decomposed plants and animals that died hundreds of millions of years ago. They are all hydrocarbons – made up of carbon and hydrogen – that resulted in carbon-rich deposits of coal, natural gas and crude oil. Fossil fuels are non-renewable, finite sources that supply around 80 per cent of the world's energy in the form [...]

By |June 12, 2023|Fossil Fuels|

Why Are Hydrogen Fuel Cells Not Widely Used?

Tasmania will soon become the first Australian state to install hydrogen fuel pumps. These will allow a driver to fill up a car that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen vehicles are touted as a clean energy transport option, as the fuel releases no carbon dioxide emissions. However, this government-funded trial in Tasmania is only a small step toward [...]

By |May 29, 2023|Hydrogen|

Renewable Gas in Australia: A Risk to Net Zero?

Renewable gas has a unique role to play in advancing net zero, and Australia is investing in its future. However, as this fuel has many limitations and dangers, its application must be considered carefully for meaningful action on climate. Is renewable gas cleaner than natural gas? Renewable gas is a fuel produced from organic matter, primarily agricultural and food waste [...]

By |May 15, 2023|Natural Gas, Renewables|

What Is Green Hydrogen Used For?

Green hydrogen is a form of renewable energy and an essential component of the clean energy transition. Unlike natural methane gas, when industries burn it or use it in a fuel cell, there are no direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The only by-product is water. Hydrogen is particularly useful for 'hard-to-decarbonise' sectors, like heavy industry, chemicals, shipping and aviation. This [...]

By |May 1, 2023|Renewables|

Why Renewable Gas is Not a Climate Solution

Renewable gas, also known as biomethane, is produced by the fermentation of organic matter, such as agriculture and food waste. It can be burnt for energy, much like natural gas, and can be a lower carbon option than this fossil fuel alternative.  However, just because a fuel is 'renewable', it does not mean that it is clean or emission-free. Renewable gas is [...]

By |April 13, 2023|Natural Gas, Renewables|
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